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At Words + Pixels, we’re PR experts and journalists who specialise at working with startups and scaleups at every stage of their growth.

PR is too often seen as a dark art - either misunderstood or underestimated. We’ve created a tool-kit to dispel those misconceptions. It will equip any founder or marketer with the things they need to know, do and consider when making their first steps into the world of PR.

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What is PR? 

Most people have heard about public relations. But unless they’ve worked in the industry, they usually know nothing about the actual functions involved in what we call PR or ‘communications’ in some cases. 


Who are the traditional media? 

It’s worth taking a moment to consider which people and organisations the media is made up of. This will help you understand their functions and how your company could benefit from them


Who are the new media? 

New media has had a profound effect on traditional media organisations as they had to develop and adapt to the new environment.


Who should do PR? 


The first two posts in this series should have given you the knowledge to understand what PR is and who’s involved. Now it’s time to consider how you can use that knowledge to improve your business.


How should I handle a request from a journalist?

 Your response to a journalist’s request will determine you and your brand’s appearance to the outside world. For startups, your response might be a customer’s first interaction with your brand.


What company news should I share with a journalist? 

It’s important to prepare well for an interview with a journalist because your responses will determine the external portrayal of your company.


“The team and Words + Pixels make achieving success in PR so easy. With almost instant success and minimal time commitment from our side, the team are brilliant to work with 


Alex Hind
CEO, Heka


“Words + Pixels hit the ground running! We were looking for a company that understood our industry but also the areas we are looking to grow into and W+P have a great success rate with companies at a similar stage of growth to us. We can’t wait to see where the next 12 months take us. 


David Vanek


I’ve worked with a lot of PR firms throughout the course of my career and I can truly say that W+P has been a completely different experience and a breath of fresh air. The relationship is a genuine partnership which has allowed us to get a level of coverage that a business of our size should ever get. I cannot recommend W+P enough and in fact, I do, I recommend them every single day. 


Tom Fairey


Since working with W+P, we have seen a huge increase in direct inbound leads as a direct result of their work.

PR has become the number one source of new business leads for OurPeople this year, with more people talking about us than ever before 


Stuart Margetts


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