Ready, Steady, BACX appoints Words + Pixels 

Apr 28, 2023
2 mins

Words + Pixels is now working with BACX, a new performance drink startup who have created the first plant-based energy drink mix.

BACX is the complete nutrition pouch

Founded by CEO Jason Baits-Tomlin, the BACX Pouch keeps sports enthusiasts energised and rehydrated. When mixed with water, it is complete nutrition needed for use before and during endurance sports.

Jason created the product after his own experiences of side effects from the current energy gels or sports nutrition supplements on the market. He found that chemicals and sugar ultimately created stomach problems, headaches, dizziness and more. 

Words + Pixels take the podium with BACX UK launch

In March, Words + Pixels launched the brand by announcing a £1.2m seed funding round, led by four-time F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel. 

We’re super excited to have BACX on board, and look forward to getting them in poll position in front of their competitors. 

Sports PR

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