Hammerhead supports some of the world's elite cyclists with its innovative accessories

The brief

To build Hammerhead’s reputation for world-class cycling tech including the launch of its hero product, the Karoo 2.

The approach

Over a two-year period, we worked to catapult Hammerhead into the mainstream lifestyle and sports media; in a journey that echoed the brand’s own meteoric growth.

This involved the launch of its hero product, the Karoo 2 - the so-called “iPhone” of cycling computers, and the most advanced piece of cycling tech on the market.

We also announced Hammerhead’s Jan 2022 acquisition by SRAM, and worked on original content with Tour de France winner Chris Froome, alongside other elite brand ambassadors, to strategically raise awareness and drive sales.

The results


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Top 3

Named cycling computers in 2022


Share of voice growth vs key competitors


Sales in 2022 attributed to PR