IKEA and Starbucks use human stories to engage audiences

Sep 14, 2022
2 mins

This week's industry round up had a focus on storytelling and the brands bringing a human element to their campaigns. Overall, we can see that the brands are focusing on the consumer than the actual brand.

IKEA Life Collection 2022:

IKEA uses human stories for their Life Collection of recycled products

Firstly, the most recent piece was IKEA's Life Collection 2022 - this came in the form of a visual catalog of used furniture telling the stories behind the products  being resold at IKEA’s new second-hand stores in Norway.

IKEA uses human stories for their Life Collection of recycled products

Essentially, this looked at the life cycle of a piece of furniture and what it has seen, whether that be divorce, a bereavement, or perhaps just become redundant or unloved. The backing track, an accoustic version of ‘Don’t You Forget About Me' really brings the point of the campaign to the forefront - old furniture need not to be discarded and forgotten about.  

Personally, I think it's so clever and emotion provoking as it brings more of a story to the object - something we can all relate to as an onlooker. The video encourages the viewer to look beyond IKEA's well-known branding and products, but actually to engage in the narratives that play out around each piece of furniture.  

Starbucks' Every Table Has a Story

Starbucks' 'Every Table has a Story' is another great example.

It's a story of a woman who is trying to kick-start her career who works from a table in the cafe. Knock back after knock back she stays resilient, returning to the same table in the same Starbucks cafe.

The story ends, and the protagonist opens a magazine which features her work. The narrative brings to life the on-goings that Starbucks sees rather than the product itself.

Using human-led stories in PR

Using human stories in PR is a great way to humanise your brand. Whether it's drawing on your values and culture, or using your own experiences to join in industry conversations, a story your consumers can relate to is a surefire way to instigate brand awareness a