Words + Pixels PR team escape to the Scottish Highlands for our annual retreat

Aug 29, 2023
3 mins

This year's retreat was a vibrant tapestry of camaraderie, exploration, and laughter

From our stay in the historic walls of Baby Balmoral, a Victorian castle with a royal lineage, to adrenaline-pumping white-water river tubing, haggis tossing, and wellie wanging, this was a company retreat unlike any other.

Words + Pixels has grown considerably since last Summer, so for our second yearly getaway, we really wanted to escape the emails and focus on forging deeper connections, really celebrate each other, and what better way than immersing ourselves in the breathtaking landscape of the Cairngorms? 

The moment we arrived we decided to jump straight to it - plunging headfirst into the River Garry, embarking on an exhilarating river-tubing adventure. This was a first-time experience for us all but, besides a few overturned rubber rings, we navigated the falls like true pros

Bright and early the next day, for a little more of a calmer expedition, we delved into the heart of the region, discovering the secrets of its local wildlife and plants. Hiking through stunning acres of land we made it to the top of the hills and embraced the breath-taking views. Our calm composure didn’t last for long however, as we got our competitive spirits on for some Highland games.

Tossing haggis was a slight bigger challenge than we thought, if not unusual. Caber tossing on the other hand, was on a whole different level. Split into teams, we faced each other through archery, wellie wanging, and for the finals, a closely matched tug-of-war. Honourable mentions to our founder and client director for being (slightly annoyingly) amazing at every game.

Back at our Scottish humble abode (the beautiful Dalnaglar Castle, of course) we spent our evenings crooning some awful karaoke, playing card games and eating our way through endless piles of pizza. For our last dinner, we dressed to impress and were fabulously surprised with a chef-made three-course dinner in our candle-lit dining room. 

A team experience to remember

It’s safe to say that this trip was an experience to remember...

Even with so many highlights to choose from, we can all agree that this annual retreat has brought us closer as a team, an epic celebration of who we are and the remarkable path that lies ahead for Words + Pixels.