Meet our new clients: Ludenso and Asset Reality

Aug 30, 2023
1 min

Words + Pixels is going back to school with Ludenso who create AR for textbooks  

Ludenso is an augmented reality company that brings textbooks to life and are trusted by publishers around the world including Cambridge University Press and Sage.

How does Ludenso work? 

Students can immediately access the AR enrichments (including interactive 3D models, videos, audio clips and links) via the Ludenso Explore app, by just holding their phone over the print or digital book. 

School children using Ludenso's platform to get a close look at the illustrations in their textbook.

Asset Reality, the seized asset management platform, choose us here at Words + Pixels to handle it’s press office

Asset Reality is the only platform in the world that provides an end-to-end seized asset solution, making seized asset management simpler, more effective and more impactful.

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