How social media can help B2B businesses increase their PR reach

Mar 20, 2024
3 mins

Amplifying your PR campaign through social media is a great way to maximise reach, engagement and impact.

Here at Words + Pixels, we recommend to our clients three ways to maximise online presence and increase audience cut-through. Read on to find out our top tips to increase your PR reach via social media.

Strategic campaign launches

Leverage PR campaigns to your audience on social media simultaneously but make sure you think about what message will create a compelling story tailored to each platform. 

Sending a press release to announce a new board hire? Interview them on TikTok. Launching a new product? Tease it on Instagram Stories with a poll. 

Hosting an experiential event? Go on Instagram Live behind the scenes as you launch the event.

By including your online community within the campaign conversation, you’re building true, authentic relationships with your audience. Plus, you might even receive valuable customer comments that you can integrate into future brand and marketing campaigns. 

Amplifying Positive Coverage

Showcasing press coverage on social media is a great way to reinforce your brand’s credibility and drive demand. It also doesn’t hurt to showcase to other brands (including competition) the effectiveness of your PR efforts. 

Gone are the days where a screenshot of coverage would generate engagement, instead try utilising short form video content. We’d recommend Reels and TikToks to showcase engaging coverage achieved. Research if there is a trending meme or audio you can piggyback on that aligns with your brand values and aesthetic. Alternatively, think about what behind the scenes scoop or insights behind the coverage you can give to your audience to create engagement.

Harness the power of influencers: from nano to macro

Collaborating with influencers as part of your PR campaign can generate increased audience engagement and subsequent press coverage. We like to suggest a combination of product seeding and paid partnerships. This way it amplifies the PR campaign message via multiple channels, adding lots more potential touchpoints where consumers can interact with your brand. 

Size doesn’t always matter, sometimes nano (1-5K) and micro-influencers (5-50K) have the highest engagement rather than mid-tier (50-300K) or macro-influencer (300K-1m) talent. Genuine brand advocacy will always trump budget, so start off by looking at existing fans of your brand that have over a thousand social followers. 

If you do have the budget to work with talent who have a larger following (yay), ensure that you pick individuals who align with your campaign objectives and target audience, as well as generate authentic engagement with their audience. Where possible work into the contract and fee that you can repurpose the content organically to increase brand interest and engagement on your owned social channels as well. Don’t forget to keep your PR agency/team up to date with all influencer marketing plans, if you sync up the two there’s the potential to massively escalate your campaign reach.