How do I know if something is newsworthy?

Apr 14, 2023
2 mins

Is your news newsworthy?

There are hundreds of things that happen in your company that you might consider newsworthy, from new products, services, events, or even acquisitions. But, how do you know if something is actually newsworthy?

So, what makes a story worthy of a feature in the papers? The easiest way to think about this is, would you and your friends talk about it over a pint in the pub, in your own time?

While effective, this is quite simplistic, and very subjective.

So, here are a few other things to consider before contacting any journalists with your company news:

1. Timeliness 

Is the story relevant? Does it tie in with current events or trends? Stories that have a sense of urgency to current events are more likely to be considered newsworthy.

2. Impact

Does your company news have a wider impact on the community, industry, or society at large? Does it have the potential to affect people's lives or change the status quo? If you can recognise that your company news may change the trajectory of an event, or poses questions that add to important conversations means that your news is definitely newsworthy!  

3. Uniqueness 

Can you craft a story around your company news that’s unique, or offers a different stance from what's currently out there? Does it offer a fresh perspective or angle? Stories that offer a unique perspective or angle are more likely to be considered newsworthy

4. Prominence 

Is the story about a well-known person, brand, or organisation? Or does it involve a significant event or announcement? Leveraging any brand partnerships, or using your company spokesperson is a great way to ensure more interest from news outlets. 

5. Human Interest

Does the story have a human angle or an emotional appeal that touches on a universal theme? Stories that have a human interest angle often attract a more engaged readership and therefore are more likely to appear newsworthy.

6. Target Audience

It's important to keep in mind that what is considered newsworthy will vary depending on the media outlet and the target audience. A story that may be newsworthy to one outlet may not be to another. It's also important to research the media outlet and understand their editorial focus and preferences, and understand their readership. For example, targeting The Sun for a piece about the investment you’ve secured would not be ideal. 

If you still think your story is newsworthy, try this… 
  • Can you capture it in a headline of 10-15 words? 
  • Can you explain why it’s newsworthy in one paragraph and back it up with evidence? 

If you can, there’s your pitch to the media. Now it’s time to start researching the most relevant media titles and journalists.

If you’d like to know who the traditional media are vs the new media or how to find relevant journalists to share company news with then check out our Startup School series.