From grad to intern. What it's really like in PR

Aug 15, 2022
2 mins

How to put my knowledge and skills into practice

I’m Hannah, a Summer Placement PR intern at Words + Pixels here. It has been 3 weeks since I started and I can’t wait to give you a snapshot of what it has been like working in PR, from the perspective of a PR & Advertising student.

From conducting research into insights about the clients to crafting a media list, my knowledge of PR  and Advertising was transformed into a series of practical techniques and skills that I can now implement in real-life business scenarios, all thanks to my internship.

However, it's been much more than that. I've learnt new things such as keep up with the news on a daily basis... and drafting pitches is very different from what I was taught in university.

As Steve Jobs said: “Learn continually - there’s always “one more thing to learn”, the world of PR constantly evolves and surprises me.

Understanding workplace culture

Culture influences communication, and as an international student, I learned that every company or organisation has its own culture. It’s essential to observe others and learn how they engage and interact with co-workers, or help them with projects and tasks. I quickly learned that whenever something is unclear for me, or I don’t understand, it’s fine to ask for clarification. I was lucky that everyone at W+P is very considerate when it comes to explaining and clarifying my doubts.

Enthusiasm is invaluable

As a PR intern, I discovered it’s essential to be enthusiastic and open to learning new skills, asking for more work and being curious to learn and ask questions. This attitude will show that you enjoy being part of the team and that you're keen to help. Having curiosity and enthusiasm also means that, as an intern, you get a lot out of what you’re doing, which opens lots of opportunities.

The benefits of taking on feedback

Asking for and receiving professional feedback is very important. It is essential to take note of both the positive and negative points for the future, so you can grow and excel in your career. Asking for feedback is always helpful because at the end of the day, there is always room for improvement.

I learned that sometimes asking for feedback or receiving feedback is difficult to hear, but it will have a significant impact on your future career and success.

How important good communication is

Communication is the key to success in a professional environment. I learned that it’s important to communicate with my manager via phone, email or Slack if I have questions or if I don’t know how to work on a task.

Asking for help and clarification is better than pretending you’ve understood what you need to do, no matter what. Avoiding asking questions if you can find answers elsewhere is part of being a good communicator – keep in mind that everyone’s time is valuable. As an intern, good communication will help with productivity, efficiency, engagement and growth.

It has been a very exciting experience as a PR intern and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and develop the skills needed for working in PR. I cannot wait to see what the remainder of my internship has to offer.

-Hannah, PR intern at Words + Pixels