Launching Zigzag to educate new puppy owners


Launch Zigzag to a consumer and industry audience, focusing on driving awareness and education around the importance of puppy training. 

The campaign

Is my puppy normal? This is one of the most common questions new dog owners ask themselves. 

Many first-time dog owners thought their puppy would be the perfect companion. The illusion is soon shattered when the reality kicks in... queue the potty training, teething, and 'naughtiness’.  Having a puppy is hard work, but people don’t realise.   

This knowledge gap presents a problem and adding to the pressure on shelters. We found that one in four owners would actually give up their pup, simply for acting like a puppy... 

With 3.2 million dogs bought during the pandemic, we needed to highlight this issue and educate owners. 

Our campaign shone a light on all the aspects of having a puppy that you don’t see on social media and encouraged owners to consider what it takes to bring a puppy home before they commit. 

Working with puppy training experts, the campaign not only highlighted the reality of having a new pup, but also asked owners to share their puppy’s ‘normal’ behaviour using the hashtag #IsMyPuppyNormal to open the discussion around what it’s really like.

The results

  • Coverage secured across broadcast, national, regional and trade media
  • Combined reach of over 258M 
  • 7 backlinks to website from high domain authority websites

Through W+P’s impressive network, they provided incredible opportunities to tell our story, creating those ‘wow’ moments that got people talking globally.

The results were incredible – they achieved vast earned media reach that set the media agenda. Ultimately, this provided me the ultimate success metric, linking the brand to a wide variety of new consumers. 


Matthew Radmanovich
Head of General Sports & Event Communications, Red Bull


“Karma’s media coverage has quadrupled since the first month of our collaboration. The whole team has always been very available and dedicated to our business needs” 


Julien Flandre
VP Marketing, Karma


“I've engaged many PR companies over the years, it's always a great sales presentation followed by an expensive ongoing retainer. W+P is delightfully and refreshingly different, it's as if the team are a part of ours.

I hope others don't find out just how good W+P is, we really want to keep them all to ourselves” 

Anthony Rose
CEO, SeedLegals

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