Zigzag is the only app dedicated entirely to puppyhood training.

The brief

To position Zigzag as a market-leading voice in the puppy training and wellbeing space. 

The approach

Our strategy for Zigzag’s May 2022 launch tapped into community advice by engaging a broad audience of UK dog lovers and owners. We commissioned original research that found one in four owners would give up their pup because of normal behaviours they considered problematic.

Working with puppy training experts, we then created an education campaign that asked new owners to share their puppies’ “normal” behaviour using the hashtag #IsMyPuppyNormal. This sparked discussions on the realities of having a new pup; kickstarting our drive to raise awareness of Zigzag as a resource that helps owners navigate everything from furniture chewing to cost of living, Bonfire Night anxiety and more.

The results


Pieces of launch coverage


Audience reach for launch coverage


Backlinks to Zigzag's website from original research


Industry share of voice