Perlego is an online library that gives students and independent learners unlimited access to over 600,000 professional and academic titles.

The brief

To support Perlego’s international expansion in EdTech, enhancing its voice among publishers and universities. 

The approach

Perlego was going through a period of rapid global growth – and our mission was to give momentum to this wave by broadcasting its success. We took a dual approach that focused on the trade side of Perlego while amplifying consumer awareness.

We devised a press office that was designed to lead the conversation about EdTech and book piracy, placing Perlego as the champion of this wider industry issue. Using data available from the company’s student users, we also maintained consumer media coverage – ensuring that Perlego remained front-of-mind as an engaging study tool for the public (and particularly students). 

The results


Piees of coverage over a one year period


Social media shares


Total audience reach


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