Words + Pixels are nominated for a Creative Moment award

Jul 25, 2023
1 min

Wow... We’ve been named as a finalist in the Creative Moment awards - our first ever nomination outside of the PR industry! 

The Creative Moment awards recognise and reward the best of the best in the creative industry today - including things like technology, sports, transportation and health and wellness. 

…And now we can class ourselves as the best of the best - amaaaazing! 

Words + Pixels x Lime’s Helmet Hair Salon makes the cut in the Creative Moment Awards

We tapped into existing research which stated that women are less likely to cycle due to fears for their safety, which led to us commissioning our own to find that one in five cyclists refuse to wear a helmet for fear of messing up their hair. Madness!

We needed to come up with a way to encourage helmet wearing and promote Lime’s safety initiatives.

Safety can be boring 

Safety is one of those un-sexy things that nobody really wants to talk about - and when they do, it can often be based on fear. 

We’re not about that. We needed to come up with a creative campaign that tapped into Lime’s audience in a fun and engaging way, without relying on fear-tactics. 

We made safety fun

What better way to teach riders how to helmet-proof their do’s than to create a bespoke helmet hair salon…

We popped up in one of London’s busiest commuter stations - Kings Cross - for just one day. We partnered with B-corp salon Blue Tit to style over 100+ people’s hair and give tips to make their hair look good, if not better, by wearing a helmet. 

We also gave away over 300 Lime helmets and shared over 1000 Lime discount codes as well as spoke to onlookers about Lime’s safety and sustainability initiatives. 

Words + Pixels x Lime's Helmet Hair Salon

You can read more about our creative pop up at King’s Cross just here.

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