Words + Pixels and GoBoat set sail for 2023

Mar 30, 2023
1 min

Eco-friendly, self-driven boat hire company GoBoat has selected Words + Pixels as its UK PR agency, following a competitive pitch process.

Aye Aye, Captain!

What is GoBoat?

GoBoat is a self-drive boat hire company that lets you take a hold of the wheel across UK waterways. Launching later this March in locations such as Paddington, Canary Wharf, Kingston, and Birmingham!  

The boats, which seat up to 8 people, are fitted with electric seats to keep you warm in the colder months. You can travel at the lightening speed of 3 knots (or, in laymans terms, 7/8kmh). The best bit? You can even take your dog!

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday with friends…

Or going on a date...

...There's plenty of reasons to take a ride.

GoBoat and Words + Pixels

We’re super excited to be working with GoBoat. Here’s what Emily Sherwood, Head of Marketing at GoBoat UK, said: “We were really impressed by Words + Pixels’ commitment to telling stories that are both meaningful and impactful. At GoBoat we are passionate about providing an experience that is not just fun but also promotes social connection and wellbeing, so this new partnership is a natural fit for us. We have an exciting year ahead and having the W+P team onboard will be instrumental in helping us achieve all that we have planned."

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