The conversation around mental health seems more prominent than ever. The pandemic and cost of living crisis have thrust the importance of mental wellbeing into the spotlight.

Right now, 1 in 6 workers are experiencing a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression, or stress. With employees at the core of every business, it is important that employers play their part in their employees mental health journey, from long term recovery to day-to-day management.

Businesses perform better when staff are healthy, motivated and focused. Helping employees navigate a difficult period will help them to feel happier in the workplace and create a safe space where they feel confident. Standing by people when they are struggling not only helps you to keep hold of a valuable team member but also sends a message about your company values. 

One way to help your employees navigate this period is through implementing a third-party platform into the fabric of your company culture. This will help to monitor how your workforce are feeling so you can act quickly but also will help employees to feel understood and listened to. 

4 companies helping employees with their mental health

1. OK Positive

OK Positive has a range of features that helps employees to understand how they are feeling and how it impacts their output at work. An important part of learning how to cope is by reflecting on how you feel. OK Positive’s mood check-in feature encourages employees to do this through a series of short steps that can reveal patterns and triggers to help employees identify whether there is a root cause.  

Employees can also let their employers know about this to help them be mindful of their feelings and to prevent potential triggers. 

2. Heka 

Heka is all about improving the employee experience through a range of over 3000 wellbeing experiences. From gym discounts and therapy sessions to career and life coaching to nutritional health, it really does have something for everyone. It’s hard to have a blanket approach to ‘workplace benefits’ as every employee will value each offering differently. Heka provides employees with the power to experience well-being in the way that they choose and that will make a personal difference. 

3. Bravo Benefits 

Bravo is an all-in-one benefits platform that aims to support employees, reward their hard work and develop through a tailored package designed specifically for the business. This could be anything from childcare benefits and discounts and saving cards, to tech benefits and lifestyle savings. 

Bravo is committed to responding and adapting to the challenges presented by the ever-changing employee wellbeing landscape by listening and speaking with their clients. All benefits can be accessed through the app allowing remote, hybrid and on-site employees to engage from anywhere. 

4. YuLife

YuLife is a great app that encourages employees to engage, be active and participate. It provides inclusive challenges like walking, mediation and cycling, among staff to drive healthy competition with different levels to unlock. This collective experience drives motivation and will have an everlasting impact on company culture. 

Employees will also have access to a variety of valuable discounts which they can spend at the likes of Amazon, Avios and Nike. 

If you need to reach out for help, find a list of resources below.