Sustainable living has never been more important and luckily with the help of modern technology helping the environment is easy. From tackling food waste, to planting trees and recycling old clothes, there are a range of handy apps to make living a greener life a little easier.  

If we all make small changes, collectively we can make a big difference and help save the planet. So, with that being said, below are the best sustainable apps to help you become greener in 2021. 


For those who need help concentrating, Forest helps you to stay focussed. When users want to be productive, they can plant a tree on Forest which will grow as they concentrate, helping users to get off their phones and get stuff done. If you try to cut your focus time short and leave the app early, the tree will die. Whenever users plant a tree in the app, Forest will plant one in real life, so far, Forest has planted over a million trees. 


This real-time carbon footprint tracker is a gamechanger for those looking to shop and live ethically. It tracks the carbon impact of your spending and encourages users to think twice before making purchases that negatively affect the environment. The app also directs users towards businesses that are doing good for their staff, and paying the living wage.

Young Planet

This is a great “cashless” platform where parents can list or request different children’s items for free. From books and clothes to toys and baby equipment, everything on the app that is exchanged helps avoid the landfill. 


Giki provides ethical information about more than 280,000 household products, from food and drink to cosmetics. Items are rated on how ethical, sustainable or healthy they are and users are able to scan products to receive ratingsIf a product has a low score, more environmentally alternatives are suggested. 


Cleared out your wardrobe in lockdown and thinking about donating to the charity shop? Well reGAIN recycles old and used clothes, giving users money off coupons in return. reGAIN will then sort through donated clothes and recycle what they can. Anything that can’t be recycled is sent to a waste-to-energy plant to produce electricity. 


This innovative food waste app allows restaurants and caterers to sell unwanted food, preventing it from going to waste. App users are able to choose from the best nearby restaurants and pick up their favourite treats at  a fraction of the original cost. 


We all suffer from annoying junk mail but always forget to unsubscribe. PaperKarma is the mobile app that allows users to automatically unsubscribe from unwanted mail simply by taking a picture of their post- helping to reduce paper waste and save trees. 

Happy Cow

The free app helps vegans and vegetarians find restaurants, cafes and bars using users' locations. This restaurant finder is available in multiple countries across the world and has a community of active users. 


Refills mission is super simple- to help people live with less plastic. Refill shows users locations where they can fill up reusable water bottles, and with over 30,000 stations listed on the app, you’re sure to find nearby. According to their site,  if just one in ten Brits used Refill once a week there would be less than 340 million plastic bottles in circulation, which we can definitely get on board with.