With Bojo finally accepting his fate and addressing the nation of his resignation, many businesses saw this as an opportunity to leverage their brand on social media.

But how do you know when political commentary is right for your brand? Should you engage with political discourse by any memes possible?

Well, here's a roundup of some fab, and not-so-fab attempts at reactive social content and PR.

Brewdog's BOJO BOGO beer

Brewdog bring out 4 new beers amid Boris Johnson's resignation

Boris first in line at Blackpool's Job Centre

Blackpool's Madame Tussauds take Boris Johnson's statue and place it outside of the Job Centre after his resignation announcement

Iceland solves the cabinet problem

Iceland (the supermarket brand) jump on the bandwagon and use Boris Johnson's resignation as a meme

What to do (and what not to do)

Be quick BUT accurate.

Newsjacking only works when the story is still being talked about.

There's nothing worse than getting to the joke too late. The moment has passed. The topic has moved on. But you're still clinging on to it like Gary Barlow and his glory days of Take That.

But ensure you're well versed. Do your research so you can defend your position.

Whether you swing left, right or sit right in the middle, diving your brand head first into the political agenda can have consequences. Be careful not to alienate supporters, unless this is the objective, of course.

But if you're keen to make a stand, here are a few things to think about:

  • What are people saying? Look at what other brands in your industry are saying. The opinions of your customers and the general viewpoint of the population.
  • Is it relevant? Your brand has a voice, personality and values. Consider if the issue is relevant to your brand before you jump on the bandwagon.
  • Does it affect your audience? If it's going to positively or negatively impact their lives, this could be the time to take a stance - but be prepared to be challenged.
  • Are the facts clear? Avoid petty party politics, heresay, and rumours and stick to the evidence