Mental health issues have seen a huge increase in the UK during the pandemic, and as we start Mental Health Awareness week it's vital we understand how we are feeling and what options are available to us. 

So, if you are feeling blue, or know someone who might be struggling, there are a number of apps that can provide help. While these apps aren’t a replacement for professional support, they can provide some relief in the early stages of mental health struggles and could prevent issues from snowballing. 


Thrive is an NHS recommended mental wellbeing platform that gives users the tools and insights they need to help manage and prevent common mental health conditions, like stress and anxiety. This free app is completely confidential, giving users management techniques and personalised wellbeing plans as well as signposting them to external support services directly in the app so individuals can seek immediate help if they ever need it. 


This unique  app helps users improve their mental health through the power of music. Instead of relying on words to help describe how they feel, users are able to capture their moods by creating instrumental music that can then be shared or saved. By being able to externalise how we feel about something, Cove can help to to replace the feelings of grief, anxiety, and a range of other emotions, with something users can see and hear.


BetterHelp connects users to licensed mental health professionals, all in the comfort of your own home. All of their therapists have clinical experience and are qualified to provide online therapy such as cognitive behavioural, dialectical, psychodynamic and many more. Users can securely communicate with therapists at their own pace, whether that's on a phone or video call or simply messaging. Users can sign up for  a seven day free trial and after that it costs upwards from £24.50 per week. 


Togetherall is a half social network and half group therapy app, creating an anonymous, safe and supportive community for people who are suffering with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. The community is moderated by professionals and counsellors, and provides a range of self-guided support through dedicated courses, resources and assessments, all designed to help users work through their pain points in a safe and supportive environment. Togetherall is free and accessible through NHS referrals, health insurance providers and employers. 


This AI driven app gives users personalised mindfulness exercises, helping to  improve mood and lessen anxiety. Aura has a wide range of services including mindfulness, meditation, life coaching tools, inspiring stories, and music, all created by leading emotional health coaches to help restore user’s inner peace and mental health.