Fashion tech is keeping you trendy through more sustainable fashion consumption.

When reassessing our spending habits, it’s often the trendy or non-essential clothes that are one of the first to be red lined. But the Gok Wan inside all of us is dying to escape at the prospect of four summer weddings, a work-do and Christmas celebrations.

For many Gen Z and millennial consumers, there’s an interesting paradigm that occurs when consuming fashion, and deciding when and how to do so.

 Caught between a rock (environmental foreboding, issues of climate change and the impact of fast fashion on the planet) and a hard place (societal pressures to buy new, because new = trendy = cool), these consumers now have the added complexity of the cost of living crisis, and their ability to use disposable income on clothes. 

We’ve outlined six of our favourite fashion-tech apps to help you save money, stay stylish, and minimise your affect on the planet:

1. By Rotation 

By Rotation was the world’s first social fashion rental app, launched in 2019. It is focused on creating a community of like minded people, conscious of the environment but still fashion-lovers. By Rotation offers renters the opportunity to wear both luxury and high street clothes for a fraction of the price to suit their budget.

2. Hurr

Hurr, like By Rotation, is a clothes rental app designed for women. They believe that getting women to rent instead, meant they could still get their kicks from the latest luxury trends and pieces, without burning a hole in their pocket or the planet. 

You know that £150 dress sitting at the back of your cupboard? See what you could make: 

3. Sojo 

Sojo founder, Josephine Philips, believes that second-hand shouldn’t mean a compromise in great fitting clothes that make you feel really good.

After many years of frustrating charity shop gems that didn’t fit quite right, Josephine decided to build the technology to make clothing alterations and repairs mainstream. With a Deliveroo-like model as the basis, the app connects customers to local Seamster businesses, The result? People could get their clothes altered or repaired with a few simple clicks. 

4. Nuw 

Nuw is the clothes swap app. Users earn coins for every item they list to swap. Users then use their coins to swap an item from another member, or request to borrow for as long as you like. Each swap is only £0.99. Each time an item is borrowed or swapped on Nuw, they offset 25% of the resources that would have been used in the production of a new item. 

5. Depop

Depop is a reselling app which allows your friends and creative influencers all over the world to see the things you like, buy, and sell. Buyers can browse for pre-loved electronics, clothes, accessories and more. You can refine your search with their filter functions, you can find the exact brand, size, colour, and condition item you’re looking for. 

6. Vinted

Just like its counterpart Depop, Vinted is a clothes reselling app. Without sellers fees, users can list and sell their items for free. To boost their items, sellers can choose pay to promote their items to get in front of the right audience.